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Living d Life . . .

Peace be upon Muhammad S.A.W n Peace be upon u guys :)
Kehidupan. Apabila ditafsirkan, mungkin kebanyakan orang terfikir
Kehidupan adalah seperti melayari sebuah bahtera menyelusuri arus Duniawi menuju Ukhrawi...
mungkin ad yang lain, menyimpulkan kehidupan mereka sebagai sebuah medan peperangan, sentiasa mara ke depan dan ke depan. Disitulah pasti akan ada kekalahan? Bukan? 

When come to my mind n when come to my life, I'll say dat, 
"Life is Precious, Simulate it with ur dream, Live it, then Make it a True Life"
How's d life being Coloured, or How it was been Concerned enough, dat's u r d Steerer Of d Life =)
Now, I'm Living my Life personally. Simple n Stress. (haha selalu je tlis prkataan stress or tension ni kan? please don't be annoyed yet =P) 
But it's a fact, I'm living d real life of being a Pilot InsyaALLAH..

Facing d Aviation Books;

>Human Performances n Limitations
>Air Laws 1 & 2
>Principles Of Flight
>Aircraft General Knowledge
>Electrics & Electronics
>Power Plant
>Communications 1 & 2

PHASE 2 which seniors is talking about, d toughest one of Aviation School
>General Navigation
>Radio Navigation
>Aircraft Instrumentation

>Flight Planning

n d last one, PHASE 3
>Mass & Balance
>Operational Procedures 

3 phases of Ground-Schooling n 3 phases of Flying-Part, actually it is not dat such extreme but a little high burden for me to live it...

Hakikatnya, definisi sebuah kehidupan adalah seperti sebuah roda, mustahil untuk tidak berada di bawah, dan tidak mustahil untuk berada di atas. Setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah tersembunyi. Isn't it? ;-)

Teringat balik kata-kata arwah Ummi,

"Hidup ni seperti sebutir mutiara, bermula daripada bawah, dimendap tanah2 kotor, terhiris dengan pasir2, tapi setiap cengkerang yg terpendap pasti akan menghasilkan mutiara yg bernilai dan berkilat"
Begitulah kita ^_^

  Coz after every rainfall must come a rainbow...

a Dream that Hard to be Faced...

Assalamualaikum. How r u on d moment? Have some time to read dis by my side. ^_^

First of all, Blessings n Peace be upon Muhammad S.A.W dat had shown n never stopped to show us d right way of being a Muslim with HIS Blessings. A true Muslim.
Muhasabah diri kita hari ni, pagi ini, petang, or malam ini.. adkah msih smpt untuk mengingti ALLAH?

R we on d right attitude  n on d right way to become a right Caliph? Ask ourselves =)

Okey, entitled above "A Dream Dat Hard To Be Faced" . . .
Today is 20th of  May (i'm not sure u read dis by dat date right?) haha..but dat's really means to me within 3 days from now. My Dad keep asking n asked me, "Do u confident to take dis to be ur future?"
"R u taking dis seriously, can u do it?" Dat really make my countdown to dat days become so desperately.
Ape2 pun, dalam mse 3 hari ni lah masa depan ditruhkan. Seksa kan? haih~
Em..maybe korang kurang faham, walaupun ni lah cita2 kbnyakan manusia sejak zaman kecil. Tengok Angkasawan dalam tv, trus nk jdi Astronomy. Bila jumpe Ultraman kat kedai, trus nekad nk jdi mcm Ultraman. Well, budak2. haha.
Meningkat ke alam darjah 3, bila tengok kat airport ada rmai lalu-lalang, tiba2 trnmpk manusia yg brlainan cara pemakain uniform, "xkn lah ad PBSM jgk kat lapangan terbang nie kan?" then tanya ayah, "sape tu?"
"Juruterbang la tu, yg bwak kita jalan2 kan.."
Ouh, driver rupenye. Mesti korang terfikir mcm tu kan? haha (not me ok) ^_*
sejak tulah, memang ad terpendam dalam jiwa dan perasaan ni nak jd Pilot. wahaha. 

Airbus 380
Boeing 737-400

in 3 days, approximately 2 days... 
d intake will be opened..

But, can u imagine, an ambition dat never came seriously to mind
theoretically 'in front' of my life! 
Yes be-a-Pilot. myself can't imagine how dat gonna colours my life. Can't u?   

 The Toughing, Stressful, n Unimagined life 


                                                             My office-will-be insyaALLAH 

N now, i give my respect to those dat supporting me, advises n nevertheless of encouragement

Not in 3 days, yes Dad, now i'll proudly make u proud! =)

Ya Fattah..give me some sunshine~             

                                              Coz after every rainfall must come a rainbow...

ad- Dhuha Dua' ....

Assalamualaikum Wrhmatullah..
how r u doing my noble families n fellow friend?

semoga ALLAH memberkati hari anda..=)

ok straight 2 d point...insyaALLAH stlh brbln2 x update blog nie, kbtln kali nie trbke EdIt PosT pde wktu Dhuha..em trse sngt aman n tng pg nie, tp bdn rasa sakit+lteh coz ari jumaat mlm main bdminton, pg sbtu plk ad tournament table tennis...alhmdulillah la kedua2 Double n Single 'menang' dngn cmrlng! :D
so sy ingin brkongsi stu doa yg sngt mulia n pnuh rhmt:

DOA DHUHA nynyian U.N.I.C nie sngt 'halcyon' 4 all  : )

semoge ALLAH sntiasa mmbrkati khdupan kite di dunia mahupun akhirt sne..smoge hdup shrian kite sntiasa dimulai dngn pagi n wktu dhuha seiringn dngn solatnya yg mulia.. =))
Barakallahufiikum :D

Coz after every rainfall must come a rainbow... 

Life Can Sometimes Look Like A Curse . . .

Often and always,

i'm thinking about my future....
about my dreams...
about all the problems n life full-filled with trials...

all about my life n how i survive it...

But sometimes,

i feel like i'm surviving nothing for the wonderful life gave 2 me...
i'm finding the truth,
finding where is my faith..
was it hidden..


i was hid it...

And there,

ALLAH is with me n always after me...

"Ya ALLAH, Ya FATTAH Enta Maksuudi"

Coz after every rainfall must come a rainbow...

Jejak Warisan

Ehem, quiet long-time no posting from d last post. Really having a tough days doing a waiter-job. Haha
How's ur life going? May ALLAH Bless us always..dat's a wish :)

Okey, post kali ni maybe just letak gambar warna warni untuk penuhkan page. Biar lambat loading internet korang =P
Btw, korang mesti terfikir2 ape kaitan tajuk kali ni kan? Jejak Warisan.
Actually baru2 ni after a few weeks kerja kat restoran tu, Terengganu Language Centre (TLC) n Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Terengganu (PPAT) anjurkan Program Kembara Ilmu amnya atau Jejak Warisan secara khususnya.
Really appreciate n proud dgn usaha2 TLC n State Library untuk kumpulkan balik peserta2 English Programme ni.Walaupun x semua terpilih untuk program Jejak Warisan ni, sekurang2nya masih ada golongan belia bersmngt untuk mengkaji semula warisan2 sejarah yg smkin rmai remaja skrng lupa.
So, kumpulan Jejak Warisan 2011 having a very2 tough-time which kena siapkan kerja2 research dlm masa 6 hari! Objektif Jejak Warisan 2011 adalah untuk mengkaji semula sejarah2 lama daerah Dungun termasuklah Pahlawan2 Sejarah, Mitos2 Sejarah n so on dalam masa 4 hari.
dat's mean, 2 days untuk siapkan assignment research kitorang n present kertas kerja, buku research, n d most exciting but stressing part is during d preparation for Performance in Teater Hall of Library. Persediaan persembahan lakonan semula peristiwa sejarah2 dah mnybabkan waktu tidur n mkn kitorang not managed so well. Huhu..Boleh bayangkan x? =D

sori lah, mmndngkan skrng dah pkul 2 pagi so gmbr2 yg strusnya x dpt nk msukkan lagi :)
ni lah kenangan2 semasa 'pengembaraan' berlangsung ;-)
have a GOOD DAY

"Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance;
they make the latitudes and longitudes"

G0t a Minute ?

Assalamualaikum guys.
After few days of the wonderful TLC's Post SPM English Programme, i got my legs to go for a restaurant. Such nice restaurant; yeah restaurant for foods n beverages? Everybody used to know dat right. When we talk about such restaurant, it'll come to mind dat a hungry stomach can be filled n palms giving money at d counter. Is dat so?

Emm dat for peoples out there, n now it's my turn to get d money, not giving it!
Still pending...?
Yeah! I WENT TO WORK!  =)

It's time for moving my lazy-body in the waiting-moment for SPM's result. Everybody shall do something beneficial n gainful. Not just sitting or lying down on d bed reading books... Yes not just like dat, which means move ur 'veins n bones' out of d house n have a seat behind a restaurant's counter to read ur books. Easy right? :)

Ok, back to my new-short-life at d restaurant. As mentioned, i used to be a counter-boy sitting up on a chair waiting for customer to give some money..
Looked nice? fuu~ hehe.
But it's not my full-time job to be d counter-boy all day. It'll have shifts on every work-to-do.
Yes like d other workers, i'll have d tiring-part in a restaurant. Be a waiter of d chairs n tables shall have a mental n physical to be prepared enough. Comments, Angers, even Compliments from customers will affects ur mind on d spot; be Blushing, or, Fury! =D

Be a positive-thinking. How come a workers dat working for hours non-stop will not be exhausted n fatigued on d day?  Peoples should know how to respect n to be respected. I know the experiences, words n style to be a waiter even in just a few months. So, please understand every single workers on their tiredness n stresses in a restaurant~  ^_*

Dis post, will have a very long, long, 'essay' to let off all d stories.
It's just a shortened-post on all of d Joys, Exhaustion n Enjoyable days of being a retaurant worker. Try it my dear Post-SPM friends. =) Be a worker, then u know how to 'work' on ur disciplinary

Coz after every rainfall must come a rainbow... 

BETA has attracted the attention of the audience . . . ? ?

In Sinar Harian 

"Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance;
they make the latitudes and longitudes"

Some Memorable Scenes To Be Share..

On the last day of the program, we all need to make a presentation at the Theatre Hall of TLC..we the BETA Group present a performance 'Speech Choir'....

Just enjoy the show!   :  )

"Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance;
they make the latitudes and longitudes"

Tennis: A tiring game but enjoyable...

On last few weeks I had played tennis with my friends after several months of not touching the racket~ :P

really felt awkward when playing the game back! However, it was such an enjoyable but tiring game.......! 

Here the momento; 

A group for BETA in Facebook


BETA has launched it's own group in Facebook!! All BETA's members can join this group and enjoy chatting with each other. Since we are good friends, forever we are together. This is one of the channels to get to know each other better as well as to foster brotherhood in our friendship under ALLAH's Blessing...i hope so~

Just to inform that these are BETA's Group Views... ;